Top Attractions in Puchong

Puchong is a town that can be found in the Petaling district of Selangor, Malaysia. It used to be a tin mining town and rubber estate way back in the 1960′s. Through time it eventually became urbanized. This was due it part to its strategic location. It is located between two of Malaysia’s biggest cities: Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. Now it boasts of several commercial centers, residential subdivisions and industrial parks. Its population boom has led into the transformation of many of its agricultural land into new townships.

Last year I was able to visit Puchong with my family. If you are thinking of vacationing in Malaysia here are the top attractions in Puchong that you should see.

· Kota Permai Golf & Country Club

Kota Permai means serene and beauty in Malay. Two words which best describe Kota Permai Golf and Country Club. This place opened way back in 1998 and has since captivated many golfers and tourists with its appeal. Found within Kota Kemuning’s 1820 acre township this country club has lured many tourists into it’s beautifully manicure golf courses. Kota Permai is considered to be the highlight of the township. This country club is not only meant for golfers but for the entire family and tourists. After all you don’t have to be a golfer to appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

· Hash House Harriers (HHH or H3)

H3 is an international group of social, drinking and running clubs that are non-competitive. It was established in 1938 by a group of British officers. They started to have regular weekly meetings wherein they would run together. It started as a way to promote physical fitness among its members, get rid of hangovers and as a way to bond. The runners became known as “hares”. They would start out on a trail and at reaching the end would be rewarded with beer and cigarettes. The Constitution of the Hash House became officially established in 1950. There are currently about two thousand chapters around the world. Hashing events are always a fun activity to watch.

· Sungei Wang Plaza

Sungei Wang Plaza is well-known shopping centre located in the area of Bukit Bintang. It is famous for its wide collection of products that can be found under one roof. This includes lifestyle items, clothes, books, toys and furniture. One of its main attractions is its 6th floor which has been made into a T-zone of Trendy Zone. This floor is filled with designer clothes, trinkets, shoes and accessories and has become a hit among teenagers.

Diving Sipadan Island, Staying at the Most Luxurious Resort – Mabul Water Bungalows

Sipadan is known to diving enthusiasts around the world as probably the most desired location for breathtaking diving experiences. Home to over 3000 species of fish and beautiful marine life it is a natural wonder of the world. It is located just east of Malaysia off the coast of Borneo.

In the waters of Sipadan you will have the opportunity of witnessing green and hawksbill turtles that have made it their mating ground. Bumphead Parrotfish, Napoleon Wrasse, Eagle Rays, Reef Sharks and impressively widespread schools of Barracudas freely roam the area making for a wondrous sight-seeing experience.

Being a relatively small island it is actually formed out of living coral that has taken thousands of years to cap itself on the tip of an extinct underwater volcano. The population are extremely friendly and in a bid to preserve this natural environment the government prevents foreigners from settling there.

Mabul Water Bungalows stands out from among the popular tourist resorts on the Island. It is a brand new development built on stilts to ‘float’ fifteen minutes from the main island’s shore. It has just 15 modestly sized bungalows which are comfortable and are fitted with modern furniture to make you feel right at home. All the features you can expect from higher classed accommodation including hot showers, air-conditioning and even satellite TV.

The resort also has two stunning villas namely the Bougain Villa and The Borneo Suite.

The Bougain Villa gives you your own private Jacuzzi and balcony overlooking the ocean from where you actually see the main island. What more could you ask for after a day spent playing with Sipadan’s exquisite marine life? It is also fitted with a designated office space which features 24 hours internet access.

The Borneo Villa suite also gets the same treatment and includes satellite TV in the main living room, DVD player, and a partitioned office for your convenience. The suite also features a private balcony and outdoor Jacuzzi, from where you can soak in the sights, sounds and aromas of the surrounding ocean.

You can also find a cute little shop where souvenirs and curios can be purchased so you can take a piece of the island home with you and share its wonderful memories.

Only certified divers are allowed to go diving, but have no fear as the resort has its own fully fledged diving school right on site. You can expect top training from expert instructors and receive all the diving training you could ask for from basic courses to Divemaster level. Divers who have not been diving for a long time can make do with their Scuba Refresher Course to get them quickly underwater again.

I haven’t forgotten to tell you about the open plan dining hall where you can relish in island paradise cuisine. Mr. Wong is your own master chef every evening, formally a member of an international hotel franchise, and brings to the dining table many years of culinary experience. He pays special attention to your dining needs and will often enquire from guests about foods they are perhaps unable to eat due to allergies. The food is divine and if you are not careful you may be packing on extra weight when it’s time to return home.

On to the main reason why you would go there: the diving. The absolutely courteous staff will ensure that you do everything right when getting ready for a dive. They will assist you in setting up your diving gear and be ready for you when you get back. If you want to form your own private group you can even hire a separate boat which is directed by your own specialist Divemaster.

The boats are simply gorgeous, always look brand new and are obviously well maintained. They are superbly comfortable and getting on and off is a breeze.

Overall the service is tops and this puts a cherry on top of a fantastic diving trip that you will never forget. The staff is also more than adequate and double as child minders for your little ones should you take them along. Nothing is out of place and you always get prompt assistance from them.

Mabul Water Bungalows have built a special fish sanctuary just in front of the jetty and it is 100% accessible even at night for a rather interesting diving experience.

And last but not least is the fabulous award winning Ka’andaman Spa. Imagine after a long day in the water, your mind still replaying the spectacular underwater wonders you have witnessed and your body yearning rejuvenation, and the spa’s expert hands take all the niggles away bringing you to ultimate relaxation.

You can’t beat that and surely by now at least you should have started dreaming up a plan to get to Mabul Water Bungalows as soon as possible.

It is simply one of the few remaining truly untouched natural treasures in the world.

How Your Product Should Look Like in Your Online Catalogue? (Part II)

In Part I of this article I wrote about the main information that a product should have in your catalogue. I mentioned the title -or product’s name-, the description and the images. In this second part, I’ll like to write about some other information that you can add into your catalogue in order to attract more customers.

Price: Many people think that a catalogue without prices doesn’t work in an online business. That’s partially true. If you are selling articles that a visitor can easily find elsewhere, you should print your product prices in the catalogue. If you don’t, the visitor will go to another online store where this information is on and they probably shop there. In other hand, if your catalogue has only exclusive articles that visitors could not find in another place, you can ignore the price (of course, always is better if you have it, but sometimes is good to not publish the item price). If a visitor is interested in that article, you can ask his to fill a form in order to be contacted by a seller or a representative.

Previous Price: Many catalogues show both the previous and the actual price of an item. This is a good strategy only if you can control the situation. I mean, if the previous price is lower than the actual price, it’s no good to show both prices because it’s the same as saying your visitors “Hey, I just raised the price of this item; you should had bought this article yesterday, jaja”. And definitely, that’s not polite. I understood that sometimes you should increment the price of an item, that’s OK; but please, remember that, in this case, your e-business application should not show the previous lower price. In another situation, if your product’s price was always the same, don’t lie. Do not put a higher previous price just to get your visitor’s attention. That’s no fair and you can loose that potential purchase. Be honest. There are other ways to attract your visitor’s attention, many of them explained in these articles.

Category: In the internet there are many people that go straight to a catalogue and search for an item, especially if the store has hundreds articles. But, there is other kind of visitors that loves to browse the catalogue’s category tree. For them, your catalogue should be correctly categorized in one or more levels, and this depends on the amount of items and their classification. The item’s categories should go for the general classification up to the particular one. For instance, if you are selling vehicles, your first level category could be: Cars Vans SAV Trucks

Then, in the second level, Cars can be categorized by brands, or by origin (national / imported), and so one. There are many ways to categorize your items. You should choose the one that your potential visitors mostly use. In some cases, you can also have two or more category trees. For instance, in the same example, you can maintain the mentioned category tree and you can also add another one, where the first level is the vehicle brand (BMW, Toyota, Ford, etc.).

Brand / Author Name: If you are selling books, having the author’s name is a must in any catalogue. You should think in having this information not on the description (or not ONLY in the item description) but in a separate key field that can help you group many items with the same key. A books catalogue is a very practical example. Having the author’s name you can list all the books of a certain author. In other catalogues, this information is not so easy to determine. For instance, if your catalogue is about furniture, the key field could be the designer, of maybe the collection (2007 collection, etc). Just think in a field that can easily group your products by. Maybe you have more than one; in that case, use them all.

Item Code: Each item in your catalogue should have a unique code. This code can be your internal identification of that item. Even if you are selling products from many providers (and each one of them have their internal codes), you should normalize your items with an internal code. Having a code makes that item unique in the whole catalogue. You can receive purchases by many other ways (telephone, mail, etc) using the item’s code and you can easily integrate internal applications (such as your ERP, your CRM, etc) through this unique piece of information. If you don’t have a codification yet, you should think in one that can really helps your business.

For instance, you can choose an alphanumeric codification that helps you get quickly information of the item:


Where AA represents the category, the XXXXXX represents the item number and BB the supplier code. Just think in something scalable for your business.

Weight / Size: If your catalogue has not electronic items (such as e-books, papers, etc), I recommend you to include the item weigh ant the item size. Almost always the total cost of shipping depends on this information, so your visitor should know them to take the purchase decision. The item weight is very important for any catalogue. Even you are selling books or phones, the weight is something your visitors always look for. The item size sometimes can be avoided. If you are selling CD the size does not matter, or is not very important, but, if you are selling furniture, your visitors should know the table’s measure in order to check if fits in their room.

Related items: Once your visitors took the decision of buying some product, you can invite them to buy some other related to the one they choose. For example, if the chosen product is a notebook, you can suggest them to by an extra battery, a computer case, or many other related items to the chosen one. This is also known as cross-selling. The items can be related reciprocal, or not. In the same example, the notebook and the case are not reciprocal related because if a visitor chose the case, you’ll probably not suggest the notebook. Having this option in your e-business application will represent extra margin per purchase and adds value for your visitors.

Related documents: Many manufactures publish their detail product specifications or technical information in pdf files (or any other format). If you are authorized by them, you could add this information in your product’s information so your visitors can download that documents and get extra information about the item. Once, in a vehicles catalogue, I saw a movie of the vehicle in a road, as a related document. It was very interesting because that information tries to introduce the visitors the ‘experience’ of driving that vehicle.

Find and Do Your Own Thing

In quality manufacturing, speed requires standardization. No wonder Six Sigma, Zero Defects and ISO Certification receive so much time and attention.

But in quality service, doing something unusual or eccentric can create a powerful impact. In service, it can be quite acceptable to find and do your own thing.

Here are just a few examples:

A waiter at the Sugar Beach Resort in Mauritius comes to work each day with a thermometer in his pocket. On the way to the restaurant he takes the temperature of the ocean water and the swimming pool. As he pours coffee and clears plates during breakfast, he joyfully tells guests exactly how warm and enjoyable their swimming will be that day.

A room service attendant at the same resort noticed a guest from Germany reading Goethe during her stay. He got coaching from a colleague and learned a poem in German by heart. A few days later as he served her dinner in her room, he recited the poem proudly for her enjoyment.

A sales clerk at Nordstrom in the United States sold my friend a new pair of shoes. Measuring his feet, the clerk discovered my friend’s right foot was size 9.5 and the left foot was a smaller 9.0. The clerk gave my friend the shoes he needed to achieve a perfect fit: one 9.5 and the other 9.0. I have no idea what the clerk did with the remaining mismatched shoes, but my friend’s loyalty to Nordstrom has been secured.

The customer of a furniture maker in Malaysia returned one large item and selected another. A partial refund was due, but the customer was to leave the country that very night. One staff member offered to process the refund paperwork on the same day. At 8:15 pm he arrived at the customer’s house with the refund check in hand…and a small cake with ‘Bon Voyage!’ written across the top.

At the Raffles Hotel, one laundry worker writes small notes complimenting male guests on the fine fabric of their suits and female guests on the elegance of their evening gowns. These notes are pinned gently to the garments before they are hung back in guests’ closets after drycleaning. What a memorable moment!

At the Four Seasons Hotel, order a juice or soft drink from the bar. You’ll discover ice cubes made from the same drink. As the ice melts your drink gets colder, but not diluted. You get a stronger drink. Strong service, too.

Key Learning Point


What is ‘your thing’? Is it the personal note you attach to outgoing documents? Is it the enthusiastic tone in your voice on the phone? Is it your pride in teaching customers or colleagues something new? Is it as simple as the colorful clothes you wear, the magazine and newspaper articles you share with others, or your passion for indoor plants that makes the whole office come alive?

Action Steps

Inexpensive Luxury Hotels Rating

A list of luxurious hotels was published in Forbes Journal; the cost of these hotels seems to remain rather temperate. The first place in this rating was occupied by Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The spacious suites are equipped with LCD tv-sets, marble baths and iPod systems. A marvelous view over the city opens from the suites. There are spa-center with traditional Malaysian procedures at guests’ disposal. Besides, the visitors can use the cervices of butler. The cost of one night in the hotel starts from $200.

On the second place is Domaine Des Hauts De Loire (Onzen, France). The square in front of the entrance is decorated with a pond with white swans. This hotel opened in former hunter’s house has 33 suites, the interior thereof is in the XIX-th century style. In the restaurant the guests would be served with the dished made of vegetables and fruits grown in hotel’s garden. The starting accommodation price here is from $120 for one night.

The third place was awarded to Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand). There are 799 suites with balconies, furniture made of teak tree and coverings made of Thai silk; nine restaurants, fitness-center, spa-complex and a swimming pool in the hotel. The accommodation price starts $150 per night.

On the forth place Rialto Hotel On Collins (Melbourne, Australia) is, which occupies the building of the XIX-th century, constructed in Venetian style. The swimming pool on the roof, bar and fitness-center with sauna are offered to the visitors. One night in the hotel costs from $180.

The fifth place was awarded to Four Seasons Resort (Karmelo, Uruguay), situated on La-Plata river and containing 44 bungalows. There is a terrace and a small garden in each bungalow, the heating floors are in the bathrooms, the carved beds are in the bedrooms. Besides the hotel has a big swimming pool, field for playing golf and spa-center.

This list also includes the following hotels: Tu Tu Tun Lodge (Gold Beach, USA), Fairmont Chateau Laurier (Ottawa, Canada), Casa Santo Domingo (Antigua, Guatemala), Cashel House Hotel (Hallway, Ireland) and Il Gattopardo Relais (Rome, Italy).

Avoid This Futon – The Black Metal Futon Frame

When the futon industry was born back in the 1980′s, the frames were well thought out and well constructed. Whether it was softwoods or hardwoods, the frames featured good fundamental designs made from solid wood. These futon frames would incorporate new working mechanisms and ideas in operation that made futons appealing not only in their design but in the quality of materials and construction that went into them. The futon industry was doing well and growing with these frames heading into the 1990′s but then the black metal futon frame came onto the scene.

At first it was widely regarded as a great addition to the futon family of products. Finally, a futon that could be offered at a much a lower price point. Black metal frames were being imported from China, Malaysia and Taiwan. Many of the early black metal frames were packaged with an import mattress made up of ground up textile materials and a colored covering with tufts. These packages were often anywhere in price from $199 – $249 and started out in specialty futon shops as a great way to introduce customers on a budget into a lower priced futon option. It was soon discovered though that these frames were not such a bargain that they appeared to be.

The first problem with black metal frames is the round metal bars that make up the seat and back sections of these frames. Where as wood futon frames are using flat slats, black metal frames have hollow round bars. Thinner mattresses would slide through the gaps between the round bars. On wood futons this was never a problem. The other issue with the hollow bars is that if enough weight was placed on a spot they would begin to bend. The issue became so bad that a 90 day warranty was put in place by most manufacturers of these frames.

Another issue the black metal frames suffered from were bending stretcher bars or rails. Again the hollow nature of these strecther rails presented issues with breakage and bending. Early designs involved a steel tooth design that would fit into pocket welds on the arms. These would snap off over use. The alternative design was to run a bolt through the arms and into the rails. While better it still did not address the issue of bending stretcher rails.

Bent hinges also added another issue that would happen from use over time. While not as common as the other problems this issue still led to the failure of many black metal frames. The hinges were attached to the arms of the futon frames with two bolts and two nuts. While this design was OK the hinges themselves would fail when too much weight was applied to one side or the other. These would also bend out rendering them useless in the operation of the futon.

Most specialty futon retailers pay little to no attention to black metal futon frames. Retailers I’ve spoken to have said that the black metal futon frame is the number one service headache when it came to futons with over 95% of service issues being the failure of a black metal frame component. Replacing these parts were made more difficult by the fact the manufacturers were located overseas and obtaining the parts past the 90 day warranty period often involved the retailer having to purchase the replacement parts and charging the customer.

If you’re shopping for a futon, here are some things to think about if you see a black metal futon frame in a mass merchant or big box store. Consider the fact that most solid wood futon frames carry a warranty anywhere from a year to a lifetime warranty. Black metal futon frames have a 90 day warranty. It says something about how much the manufacturer stands behind the product. Black metal frames are made overseas. Expect to wait for a part if something breaks or if you’re past that 90 day warranty, expect to pay for all replacement parts and associated costs to get your frame up and running again. Consider too that parts may also no longer be available should something break. Metal bars allow mattresses to slide into and through the gaps between each bar. This puts lumps in your mattress and can make the futon quite uncomfortable when compared to flat wooden slats on wood frames.

Futons do make a sensible investment as they provide all of the features and benefits of a sofa sleeper but at a fraction of the cost in many cases. If you find the right frame that is well built from quality materials and a good mattress your futon experience is sure to be a positive one. Avoid metal futon frames that are made more to hit a particular price point then they are to be a piece of furniture that can offer longevity as a dependable sofa and sleeper for your home. The right futon can provide you and your family with years of quality use. The wrong futon frame will simply become disposable furniture.

How To Use Bolster Pillows

Some people have bolster pillows in their homes and these are described as long narrow cushions or pillows. People can use these for a number of reasons. They can be used to sleep on just like the normal variety. The difference between this and the regular variety is that they span the entire width of the bed. This offers people uniform support regardless of their posture when they are sleeping.

With the normal variety, people can find that their heads will dip between the pillows. The other kind however, will offer good back support while people are sleeping. They are particularly good for pregnant women and people who have back problems. It is possible to bend them into a V shape and this offers great support while watching television or reading a novel.

These cushions are used worldwide and in the Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and China they have been around for many years. People in the west use the flat variety and are often used for support while sleeping. The Asian countries however have ones that are tubular in shape. These people use them for hugging while they sleep. In countries like Singapore and Thailand, where it is very hot, people do not normally cover up when they sleep and they keep themselves warm in the early hours of the morning by hugging the pillows.

The inside of these cushions are normally down or duck feather. They can also be filled with foam or fiber. There are some that can actually be shaped to fit in with the shape of peoples’ bodies. These are ideal for people who have have neck and back pain as it eases strain in these areas. The outers of the cushions are generally made of washable fabrics that are soft. A variety of different fabrics can be used for the outers of the cushions.

Over time people have also used these to enhance the decor in the home. Beds and couches often have tubular shaped cushions on them for the purposes of decorating. Cushions that are used for these purposes usually have satin, velvet or silk casings. As they come in many colors, they will suit the decor of most homes.

As they are shaped uniquely, they tend to make the room look very different. Other terminology for these cushions are roll, neck or tube pillows. Mixing these with other cushions on the bed gives a whole new look to the bedroom. The same applies if these are used on couches and other similar furniture.

These cushions can be used in children’s rooms as well and they are often filled with small beads. The beads are much like the ones found in beanbags, however they are much smaller. Cushions that are used for children usually have coverings of spandex, lycra or nylon. They have many uses as they can be slept on, used when traveling and for the purposes of watching television.

To enhance the decor in the home even further, many people will hem the bolster pillows with lace or ribbon on either end of the cushions. Another way to make them prettier is to sew buttons in the center of the ends of the tube. People can also cover the seaming with rickrack or cording to decorate the cushions as well.

The Common Cold: Is It an Ancient Spyware Hacking Our Brains Designed by Cromags Who Cloned Us?

“Hey Martha, you want to read this crap.” a man sits in his Longhide upholstered Lazyboy floated by the latest negative ion floating device sitting in front of a very stylish 360″ x 360″ holovision watching the local news. “Scientist now believe they found the origin of the common cold, but no cure. What good is that?”

“That is nice dear.” says a woman using the highly elite kitchen device that is advertised regularly on the holovision they acquired after his promotion at the freeze dried kale powder plant in which he was moved up to shift supervisor recently.

“These buffoons believe that we are the remnant of some ancient science project of sorts? They contend that they have been studying the archeological remains of an ancient civilization that predated the arrival of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. These morons think they had found 4 locations that the Cromags, Cromags you believe that, where they had installed these massive transmitters. The locations being in the center of the North Pole and South Pole along with two on the equator, one in the western hemisphere and the other in the Eastern hemisphere.” the man continues as he takes a break to adjust himself and settles back in his chair.

The woman goes to answer the door and the sonic plumber follows her to the kitchen.

“They think these devices as made mostly of hallow chambers in the earth as tall as those archaic skyscrapers in NYC. That the actual working parts of these machines could fit in a walnut. These walnut sized devices float above a copper pad under these hallow chambers and glow intensely.”

The holovision blares the latest report on the state of affairs on our invasion of Mars in retaliation to their blowing up the Quadripple Towers in Malaysia. The reporter is walking around the furniture and stepping over holes created from explosions that only happened moments before and flips a hand back and out of the way of a soldier who was hanging from the second floor landing on the stairs as he began to ascend past the ceiling lamp. ” These quacks think after translating the Cromags language from a Rosetta Stone with Martian, Egyptian, and Cromag they have come to find out the walnuts are Extreme Computers that contain enough information to create a whole galaxy, transmit it, mutate, replicate, analyze, and coordinate. What nonsense!”

As the reporter climbs over the corpses of a family of five blown off their Longehide upholstered Lazyboy and continues in his monotone voice punctuated with a timed series of explosive exploitations; the plumber begins to raise the woman’s skirt as she hits the button on her elite but very noisy kitchen device.

“These so called scientist after reading the Cromag’s manuals and history books believe these walnuts to be the last stage in their evolution that started with giant room sized computers, to laptops, to palm devices, brain implants, and holographic mind controlled projections or something. What nonsense!”

The reporter is thanked by the anchor and prepares for the commercial break by the Martian Quartz Energy program followed by an ad paid for by the Free Earth Party for a Senator candidate with the platform to defend us against the invisible Venutians after they set fire to the rich Diamond Realm building, the only building to be made completely of diamonds, last year during the time that California suffered from rolling black outs. You remember the ones that caused several levitating vehicles to fail all over the floating city to fall onto Golden Gate Park below. The plumber walks around the Senatorial candidate whistling as the man on the holovision smiles and winks at him before the anchor returns once more to the living room.

“They think that this knowledge was placed into robots and then clones with the basics of computing working off these tiny microscopic binary critters who work on the fluctuations of positive and negative charges. The gall of them, they say we are in fact those clones who almost lead to the destruction of the Cromag’s before they left this planet for Mars. Robots indeed, I am no robot. You got my lunch ready, I only have 5 minutes left to my 10 minute break this month!” he yells to his wife as she opens the door and follows the pool boy to the Chaise Lounge in the backyard.

Another reporter is covering the story of the papal elections after the last Pope died after forgetting his heart medication. Nobody including himself thought it might be a good idea to send someone back to his old residence to get it or send someone down to the corner drug to refill it. The election had ended up in a three way tie with all of the Pontiffs returning to their own Reich with the treasury of the Vatican to be split up amongst them with worries of the safety of the Michelangelos, Rubins, Bernini sculptures and paintings during their proposed transportation. These three will become the 43rd, 44th,45th antipopes in history. The real concern is moving these treasures through the mountains of the Andalusia to El Palmar de Troya to Pope Gregory XIX palace.

“As we have recently in modern times are able to receive phone messages and internet without the need of devices or brain implants, they believe these cavemen created a large wifi system that has been lost to time but is still active. They use this to explain all of those witches that claim they are psychic. That some how they have been the ones for centuries who still could connect into the that wifi network that linked all of us together. A giant Google in the sky? They also use it to explain Carl Jung’s Collective Consciousness theory. That in fact the common cold is the evolution from spyware and cookies that were used to track human behaviors and activities and report back to a centralized data processing plant in communication with ancient laptops. That it developed through robots, clones, and us as the germs foster and multiply in our nose as they collect data on where we have been and who we have talked to and our emotions and thoughts at the time. The common cold always baffled doctors for years they say since it does not try to kill its host but only wants to multiply and spread from person to person mutating along the way. Part of that mutation was due in fact to the data it collected. They believe the cold germ is still collecting data but they are not sure where they are being processed?” The man finishes as the reader gulps down his last bit of his Budweiser as he begins to get up to go back to the last 336 hours in his shift.

The latest reporter is reporting on the latest findings on the detonation of the Lusitania in the Pipe between Mars and its moon moving quartz and travelers on vacation. The latest moons colonized by Earth after religious Martian separatists were blamed in destroying the tractor beams that transported the quartz crystals from Mars through their recently stabilized orbits. The separatists been marginalized to the Martian Heights amidst the encroachment of Earth Colonists from Utah and Montana. Then another report goes into a special on the 100th anniversary of the Orson Welles broadcast of the War of the Worlds which ends in the destruction of the Martian army by the common cold. This is interrupted by a breaking report that a Martian army has invaded the Earth and is eradicating every human in its spot and is quickly turning off all electrical transmission of energy and communication. That it has started in the Ukraine and is moving East with amazing speed. That reports of people just dematerialize after they sneeze a steady stream of liquid that seems to be transmitted through the ionosphere into gas clouds heading towards Mars. As the man is adjusting himself one last time he sneezes and his last remains vaporize through his nose as his wife is in the last thrall of her orgasm as the pool boy splatters on her face and her remains explode and collide with his through her nose.